Thursday, 11 April 2013

Slow Fashion Project Designs

This week I've been working on my initial designs for my current design project which centres around the idea of sustainability and creating fashion that looks good but is also good for the environment and the people that make it.

I am going to design a menswear capsule collection with the focus on creating garments that can be worn in a number of ways either with detachable or reversible elements.

This first design is for a green herringbone tweed jacket with a detachable wool lining, this makes the garment suitable for both autumn and winter meaning it is very versatile.

The next design is a pair of drop crotch jeans made from 100% hemp denim, the trousers have knee patches, the knees of trousers often get worn so protecting these areas will allow the garment to last longer.

This design is a reversible cashmere coat, the fabric it is made from is double sided so the garment is multifunctional allowing the consumer to get more use from it.

The final image is two shirt designs, both designs have detachable sleeves meaning they can be worn in different ways making them suitable for multiple seasons.

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