Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Let Work Out


It's currently the middle of exam season and some of you may know (especially those that follow me on Pinterest I am a bit of a fitness freak. My favourite way to spend revision breaks it to head to the gym or do some Pilates, so I thought I would share the clothes I want to be working out in this summer.

Sweaty Betty is one of my favourite brands for workout clothing. Their designs are really colourful and fun,  they would make anyone want to go and work out. For me the best piece in the summer collection are these ombre running capris, they have a classic shape  but the quirky detailing, I especially like the pink piping on the side seam, make them stand out.

Sweaty Betty Ombre Capris

Nike is a  name synonymous with work out clothing and there is a good reason for that; their clothes are functional, comfortable, attractive and reasonably priced. There are some parts of your gym bag that aren't worth skimping on and a good sports bra is one of them but Nike prove that they don't need to be ugly. This constellation print bra is so eyecatching you might be tempted to wear it on it's own, but it also offers support and  is made from moisture wicking fabric to keep you comfortable.

Nike Pro Printed Sprots Bra
 I couldn't write about workout clothes without mentioning my current fitness inspiration Cassey Ho, not only does she create great Pilates workouts (POP Pilates) but she also designs a fitness range.  This includes a line of inspirational tops in a range of bright, fun colours. So if you need and extra motivation to get down to the gym you can pop on one of these to get yourself going.
Dream it DO IT Lacey Muscle Tank in Coral/Sky
Blogilates Top

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  1. That’s a stylish legging! It was good to read this blog. I also once thought of starting a fitness blog but I caught up with something. It’s good you share useful information here. I will surely let my friends and cousins know about it. And it is also my favorite brand.