Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Berlin: Wilfried Pletzinger

I've spent the last week traveling around Europe as part of a charity hitchhike, we managed to blag our way to Berlin which is an amazing city full of history, street art and quirky shops. 

Wilfried Pletzinger AW12/13

Wandering around the city we found a little shop called Wilfried Pletzinger selling up-cycled clothes. The focus of the company is customised sportswear, sweatshirts became harem pants while football shirts are made into dresses giving old clothes a new lease of life.

As part of a slow fashion project at university I have been looking into ways garments can be made to last longer, one way of doing this is by reinventing clothes that have become damaged of outdated. Creating something new that can be loved by someone else.

My favourite pieces in the shop were these dresses because of the way they combined bold, bright sportswear with softer fabrics and shapes to create a romantic, feminine garment. I also loved the tops that were made into trousers because of the way they challenged how garments should be worn.

Sustainability in fashion is something I'm really passionate about and seeing up-cycling in practice, being used to make exciting and innovative clothing was really inspiring. It showed that sustainable fashion doesn't have to be about hemp and hippies but can be colourful, fun and interesting.

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