Thursday, 7 March 2013

Damart Thermals Project

At the beginning of this semester we started a project sponsored by thermals company Damart. They make clothing which until recently was more likely to be found in your grandma's wardrobe than your own, however, in the past couple of years they have been doing quite a lot to change their image teaming up with fashion student from London Collage of Fashion and now us at Leeds University.

Damart Styled by London Collage of Fashion student see for more details

The aim of this project was to create garments that would appeal to a younger market that Damart's usual customer while still making the most of the fabrics thermal qualities. This meant tight base layers with interesting detailing and looser pieces that could be worn over the top, channelling a young, fun and quirky feel without alienating Damart's current customers.
I designed two Menswear pieces, a top with gathered sleeves  and a pair of leggings with a draped over-skirt.


 After several weeks pattern cutting and prototyping  I started making up my garments in cream Damart fabric with contrasting red stitching. So far the top is finished and hopefully tomorrow I will complete the leggings. I'll be posting again soon hopefully showing another finished piece, until then it would be great to know what you think of the top. Would you wear it? Does it change your opinion of thermals?

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