Sunday, 31 March 2013

Junky Styling


This semester at university all my work seems to have been very focused on sustainability and designing with an environmental conscience. I think these are important issues for the fashion industry to tackle and I have been very inspired by some of the companies I have researched.
A company I came across a while ago but which really stuck in my mind when it came to considering a more sustainable model for the fashion industry is Junky Styling. Operating out of their shop in London this brand's focus is up-cycling and recycling clothing,  creating unique pieces from customers own clothing or second-hand finds.

Junky Styling up-cycled Jacket

As part of my research into the company I read the book produced for its 10 year anniversary, it tracks the evolution of the brand from an inspired idea to a full blown business. It also shows past collections, one of my favourite things about them is the way basic garments such as men's shirts can be remade in to create so many different garments in so many styles. Once you know that the dresses below are made from shirts you can see all the different elements, the collars, buttons and sleeves, but if you didn't know they still look like interesting, classy dresses. 
Junky Styling Catwalk 
I love the idea that worn out, old clothing can be remade into something new and beautiful; given a whole new life and cherished by someone else. I think the reuse of existing materials, and so the reduction in the use of new raw materials is an important aspect of creating a more environmentally sound fashion industry.

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